An instant water heater is ideal for a hand wash

An instant hot water heater is easily installed wherever you have cold water supply and where require hot water for a hand wash. If you don’t require a lot of hot water you should definitely consider installing an instant water heater. You will avoid long pipe runs from a centrally installed electric water heater or hot water storage. Every instant water heater we sell is unvented. That and its compact size allows you to install the unit practically everywhere. We supply both oversink and undersink instant water heaters.  


Why install an instant water heater? 

An instant water heater is suitable for a wide range of domestic and commercial uses.


It is very suitable for: 

  • houses
  • offices
  • toilets
  • garages
  • sports clubs
  • ensuites
  • extensions
  • work shops
  • commercial washrooms
  • loft conversions

What you need to know about an instant hot water heater

Warm water comes out after just 10 seconds. The temperature coming out depends on the time of year. An instant water heater is sufficient to supply hot water to a tap or small basin. It won’t be sufficient for a shower or kitchen sink. We have a 3 phase model that can supply a shower or shower cabin. That is the POW 18 LCD from Wijas. 


The instantaneous hot water models we sell on our website are available as under sink instant hot water heaters and over sink instant water heaters. 


Instant water heaters. Over sink. 

  • The MIX 3500. A unit of 3.5 kW.
  • The MIX 5000. A unit of 5 kW.  


Instant water heaters. Under sink.  

  • The Perfect 3500. A unit of 3.5kW.  
  • Perfect 4500. A unit of 4.5 kW.
  • The 3 phase Pow 18 LCD by Wijas. A unit of maximum 24kW. Check outWijas POW-18 LCD  for all the specifications.


Please consult: instant water heater collection to find out more regarding all instant water heaters we have available. 


An instant water heater is ideal for a hand wash