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Bamboo sunglasses

The environment is deteriorating rapidly. People cause a huge pollution. Likewise on the beaches in the summer. Where for example many plastic sunglasses are thrown away. MASTHO offers the solution: bamboo sunglasses.

Why bamboo

The production of plastic sunglasses in particular is bad for the environment. No harmful substances are released when making bamboo sunglasses. Bamboo is of high quality at MASTHO Bamboo Sunglasses. Special areas have been set up, with bamboo, where they get their material from. Then it is sawn and planed by hand. Some frames are then still painted. Then the lenses are put in, which can also differ from color per sunglasses.

Product line bamboo sunglasses

MASTHO Bamboo Sunglasses has several different types of eyewear. From pilot and round sunglasses to rectangular and wayfarer. All with their own, unique style. Do not know which sunglasses belong to your face shape? Use our guide.

The lenses almost all have UV400 protection and are polarized, so you do not suffer from glare on – for example – the water. And keep your eyes well protected.

They have sunglasses for men and women. There is unisex eyewear, but also glasses that are only for men or women. These can be delivered in the USA, Canada and Australia.

Curious about the assortment of MASTHO Bamboo Sunglasses? And would you like to contribute to a better environment without unnecessary pollution? Now go to the website and choose your new pair of sunglasses, for a cheap price!