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Best romantic destinations to visit in Greece in 2020

It is a fact that Greece is one of the world’s most romantic destinations. Picture-perfect Santorini, historic Nafplio, or the breathtaking Monemvasia are a few of Greek’s hidden gems. You’ll find stunning beaches, quaint towns, historic landmarks, blue-capped white buildings as you marvel around the Grecian Islands. In addition to it, Greece food scene and nightlife attracting romantic couples like a magnet.


There are several romantic places to explore in Greece. For first-time travelers, hiring a rent a car and preparing a list of these destinations could be daunting. We’ve done it for you. Over here is a list of the top five romantic destinations to visit in Greece. Travel around and enjoy the island’s beauty with our recommended list of Greece destinations for a memorable romantic holiday. And if you need a car in Greece, www.autoprio.com, will help you book one in advance.

Top Romantic destinations to visit in Greece, this holiday


Romantic Santorini


If you are looking for a romantic and luxurious holiday in Greece, Santorini will be your top choice. This postcard-picture island always remains crowded with couples and newlyweds. Over here, you’ll find stunning white-washed houses, quaint villages, cobblestone streets, and gorgeous beaches. Santorini is also famous for the majestic sunset views and wine culture. There are tons of luxury hotels where you can enjoy a romantic stay. Also, discover rooftop bars from where you can enjoy a stunning view of the surrounding landscape over the caldera. Why not book a rent a car, Greece and explore the island’s hidden corners?




Visit the mythological island, Hydra, which is very near to Athens. According to ancient Greek mythology, this island was a three-headed monster. Once you visit and marvel around, you’ll learn exciting stories about this Island. Walk around and explore the Island as it the best way to do so. It is also an excellent place to witness the enriched Greek culture.




Mykonos is another popular island destination in Greece. It has a stunning natural setup and houses several luxury spas and hotels. It makes Mykonos a popular honeymoon destination too. It is an excellent place for those who love the sun and sand. It is even better if you book a rent a car and visit this Greece destination, check prices here: . You’ll get plenty of time to marvel around on your own and enjoy the island’s attractions.




Milos is a hidden gem of a destination to visit in Greece. It is not as touristic as Santorini or Mykonos, but it is a treasure trove of art and enriched history. Additionally, there are beautiful beaches to soak yourself under the Sun.


It won’t be wrong to call Greece as Lover’s Paradise for the stunning beaches, sunset and romantic setup. It is also an excellent idea to marvel around privately with your loved once. The best way to do is to rent a car and drive around on your own. Luckily, rental cars in Greece are available to fit in your budget. Compare and book Greece car rental and enjoy your holiday.