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Boat Rental Amsterdam

In Amsterdam, you can have various choices of boat rental. At Canal Motorboats, you can hire a boat at affordable prices. Additionally, you can enjoy other benefits such as choosing between two boats, cruising through the canals without having a boating licence and offering low hourly rates. This is why you should choose them for boat rental Amsterdam when you decide to get a boat to cruise around the city with your family, friends or colleagues.

The Canal Motorboats is located at the centre of Amsterdam, at Zandhoek 22, 1013 KT. Their boats are in Westerdok, a 5-minute journey by bus and 15-minute by foot. They have a large parking lot where you can park your bicycle or car.

The Canal Motorboats Private Boats

You can choose between renting the green or the blue private electric boat at Canal Motorboats. The advantage of renting a private boat is that you can cruise around yourself with friends. You are also not required to have a boating licence. Before you begin your journey, you are offered a map with all canals to know the route. However, you have to be 18 years old to sail the boat. The blue boats can carry a maximum of 8 people while the green ones can carry 7 people. Therefore, you can easily decide on the boat that suits you according to the number of people present. The steering of the blue boat is by means of a steering wheel, while you steer the green one by means of a tiller.

Each boat is equipped with;

  • An Amsterdam map.

  • Comfortable blankets and pillows.

  • Children’s life jackets.

  • Also, you can contact them in advance if you would like to ask for other special requests, such as a scavenger hunt or catering services.

Canal Motorboats Rental Services

They offer cheap hourly rates and are among the cheapest boat rental Amsterdam. From Monday to Friday, you can hire a boat for not less than 1 hour and 2 hours on Saturday and Sunday.