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Lead Shielding and Finishing option for Anti-Radiation Cabinet

Below, you will see a shielding process and finishing needed when designing a lead shielded cabinet.

Shielding Process

We can protect the cabinet from lead ranging from 1/32″ to 2″ or even more. Sheet lead is layered within the cabinet, and all seams are welded when shielding is less than 5/8″ thick. 

We put lead into the walls if the lead is thicker than 5/8″. A lot of heat is generated when we pour lead, which may cause the walls to move or deform. 

We use a thicker steel plate, and adding temporary reinforcement before pouring is the only way to avoid this. Inconveniently, a thicker plate means a larger cabinet inside and out.

Cabinet Finish

We use a beige spray-on enamel finish as a standard. If it becomes scratched, it may be repaired on the spot. A baked powder coat is an option, but it is susceptible to peeling and cannot be retouched if scratched. 

We use an industrial paint finish instead of a nice healthcare finish that you may see on file cabinets or office furniture. The paint may have some defects that show through.

Cabinet Transportation

Our Radiation shielded cabinets are constructed on 4″ high adjustable height legs instead of flat on the ground like our regular rivals create. Unfortunately, a thicker plate increases cabinet dimension. 

Forklifts and pallet trucks may be used to transfer from the loading dock to the ultimate destination. This can’t happen since the bottom of a boat has a flat bottom. The user may also modify the height of the cabinet to compensate for uneven flooring or when a heavy cabinet dips into a soft tiled floor. These moveable legs may be covered with a steel panel or a permanent cover and kept out of sight.

Quality Control

Each lead cabinet may be utilized alone or in any combination to fulfill your storage, decay, and workspace needs. Countertops made of stainless steel with a 0.5′′ lip and a 4′′ backsplash are available for a variety of cabinet designs. Tops may be specified 6′′ deeper than cabinets to allow pipes and other services.

The layout of the unit may alter depending on the demands of the business. It is possible to add extra pieces to Biodex Lead-Lined Laboratory Furniture at any moment, without the need for expensive room modifications.

All doors are equipped with key locks for added security. Seismic anchoring brackets are included in every cabinet.