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Small start up business ideas


What’s new with suppliers?

Trends are an ideal way if you want to grow quickly but sometimes difficult for a new starter to capitalize on. They often start abroad. You then sometimes have longer delivery times and must buy in time. It can then be quite difficult to estimate how much you need to invest in the first stock.


For new players, a Dutch or European wholesaler is often a safer solution. By looking at which products have been newly added to the assortment there, you can sometimes find quite a few sales opportunities. Especially if there are no minimum orders and the supplier can deliver quickly. Sometimes suppliers even offer these on a dropshipping basis.


Three suggestions for finding good suppliers:


dropshippingXLdropshippingXL offers over 90,000 vidaXL products for your online store or marketplace account. VidaXL is particularly strong with furniture and home and garden products, but also supplies products from many other categories. The company delivers quickly in Europe and interfaces with Lightspeed, Magento and WooCommerce, among others.



BigBuyThe Spanish dropshipping wholesaler BigBuy has a large selection of over 150,000 products. Shipping is fast and items are all suitable for the European market. You can also get a subscription, with which it offers additional services.



orderchamp logoThe b2b platform Orderchamp is full of wholesalers for retail with low purchase thresholds and minimum purchases. Larger retailers often use the platform to find nice additions but small boutiques and concept stores can really find a total offer here.


Coming up with your own product or webshop idea

There are certainly opportunities in discovering a new trend, but as you probably already know, it takes time to continuously keep an eye on it. Besides, it’s always a gamble whether you will be the first to benefit from a trend. Therefore, you can also come up with your own product idea. If you do this cleverly, you can even ensure that your product meets the demand in an existing market.


You can also come up with your own webshop idea.


By creatively looking for a solution to an existing problem you can come up with a good product idea. When you read reviews from other consumers on marketplaces, for example, you can quickly find out what you can help people with. If others also think your solution is a good idea, your product may solve a gap in the market.


Determine your niche

nicheDo you want your shop to specialize in one product group? Then you can go into the different niches in ecommerce. A niche is a segment of a larger market, with its own specific needs, preferences and identity, therefore clearly different from the general market.


Focusing on a niche is a strategic business choice to target a specific group of customers and be better at it than competitors who focus on a broader market. As an online expert with a focused business approach, you are more likely to gain the trust of customers.


Often the best ideas come from a personal interest or passion. That’s not surprising, because to serve a niche well, that expertise is usually a requirement. Maybe you have a hobby and you would like to do something with it, in the form of a web shop. Your personal passion and expertise will probably make it easier for you to engage with your customer, write blogs or product descriptions or determine which products are a good match or not.


If not, of course you can also delve into an existing hobby, and see what people are missing in this. What product helps people to better practice a hobby? When consumers are enthusiastic about a hobby, they are often more inclined to spend money on high-quality products. In addition, customers are often loyal to a brand.



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