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The benefits of Monoi oil for the hair

Natural beauty, we talk about it all the time. Indeed, natural hair and body products continue to invade the market. Among the most popular beauty allies, Monoi oil promises a number of virtues for your hair and body.

Where does Monoi oil come from?

For those who don’t know yet, Monoi oil is a natural product that has been widely used in Polynesia since ancient times. The Polynesians applied this fragrant oil to ease the pain of newborns. To do this, they simply massage them with Monoi. It is said that for Polynesians, Monoi is a perfumed oil. It is used in rituals to care for the body and soul.
To make this Monoi oil, only two main ingredients are needed. There is the Tiare flower which is known for its calming properties and the copra oil which is made from coconut. In order to have the properties of a quality Monoi oil, it is important to mix these ingredients well. Once this is done, the oil must be macerated in vats for 10 days.

How to choose your Monoi oil?

It is quite easy to make this fragrant oil. This is why you should be careful when purchasing your product. Indeed, when you buy, you must check the packaging of your Monoi oil. An authentic monoi is protected by a designation of origin that will guarantee its originality. The mention “Monoï de Tahiti” must be written on the packaging of your model. If you do not find this mention on the bottle of your oil, it means that your product is not authentic. To be sure of the authenticity of your Monoi oil, we also advise you to buy it in a specialized shop. It would also be wise to trust a reputable label. Mahana Monoi is the best Monoi Brand ! 

Applying Monoi oil to the hair

If Monoi oil has been able to seduce them adapt natural products, it is thanks to its virtues on the hair. Indeed, this product plays a repairing role on your lengths. And moreover, it adapts to all hair types (frizzy, smooth, brittle, dull, oily, etc.). By applying it regularly to your hair, this fragrant oil will nourish it in depth. This allows you to restore their shine.

If you have dry ends, this oil helps you to balance the texture of your hair. It can also be used as a hair mask. To do this, simply apply it to the entire length of your hair. Leave it on overnight or just for 30 minutes while wrapping it in a warm towel. Once this is done, all you have to do is rinse. This allows you to restore some flexibility to your hair. If you have greasy hair, we advise you to avoid the root.

If you are on holiday, you should know that Monoi oil helps to protect your hair from sand and the sea. To do this, apply a few drops of monoi to the lengths before swimming. You can also use this method after exposure to the sun.

Monoi oil can be applied to wet or dry hair. However, it is recommended that you apply it to dry hair so that the product penetrates the hair fibre better.

This fragrant oil also offers moisturizing qualities for your skin. It is a perfect product for those with dry skin. It is a product that prevents dehydration.

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