Tips of choosing good SEO Keywords.

Tips of choosing good SEO Keywords. written by: ituru4 SEO Help: How to choose good SEO Keywords.

In the world of SEO and Internet Marketing, there’s no doubt that Keywords are king. In many ways and instances, the never ending battle of search engine ranking is decided by the keyword or keywords you choose and how you use them. Choosing the wrong keyword will dramatically affect your chances to ever be found by your visitors. Using your SEO keywords wrongly will also likely get you black listed and banned. However, selecting the correct keywords, and using them appropriately will bring you one step closer to success. Get here more information about keyword research.

Right after selecting your niche, keywords research is the first thing you do when creating a website, not the opposite. Your keywords are the core architecture of your website. There are typically 4 types of keywords:

  • Domain name keywords
  • Main Keyword
  • Category Keywords
  • Content Keywords

Domain name keywords

Through my personal experience, it is easier to rank a keyword domain name as search engine tend to give more value to website with their main keyword in the domain name; however, we are in an era were branding is so important and good short keywords name hard to get. Creating an identity and a Unique Selling Proposition, can almost only be done through branding, where keyword names are very generic.

Main Keyword

This is the SEO keyword that encompass the global idea and scope of your entire website. It is usually a 2 words terms as single word terms are extremely competitive and almost impossible to get. When selecting this keyword, you should ensure that it meets the following guidelines: (note that these are guidelines only, depending on your niche, there may be some variation, nonetheless, they remain good indicators of the value of a keyword)

That keyword should have no less than 10,000 searches per months. You want to make sure that the niche you selected has sufficient traffic to monetize.

Try to seek for a competition of not more than 3,000,000 websites. If the competition is too stiff at the beginning you will have a hard time to rank well.

Category Keywords:

Category Keywords, or level 2 SEO keywords are used to divide the content of your website within the main keyword. Commonly in businesses, categories would be something like “services”, “products”, “resources” and others. For each of these categories, you must find a good keyword. This time you’ll be looking for:

  • Keyword with no less than 1,000 searches per month.
  • No more than 300,000 competing websites.

At this point, your keywords are likely to be 2-3 words terms

Content Keywords:

Content keywords, also known as Level 3 SEO keywords or Long tail keywords are playing a key role in your search engine optimization results. Those keywords are also called long tail keywords, because they tend to be more like short sentences that keyword terms Also the search volume for such specific terms is much lower, the results are also much more targeted, these are the keywords that will bring the visitors to your website. These are the recommendations when selecting those SEO keywords:

Seek for a Keyword of 1,000 or more. You are making research on supply and demand. Here you are looking for keywords that people search, but for which there’s very few or no results. This will guaranty you a high ranking quickly for that keyword.

Usually, this kind of keywords will have a few hundreds of search only per month.

The lower the competition the better it is, if you find a keyword in demand but without competition, you have a winner!

As your ranking and traffic volume will increase, you’ll be able to tackle more and more competitive keywords and search terms. Same as practicing martial arts, when you start with a white belt, you don’t fight with black belt. You practice and become yellow belt, competing with your fellow yellow belt, and overpowering the white belts and so on. Selecting the right keywords will help create harmony in your website and will ultimately facilitate your search engine inclusion. It will also help you remain organized and structured.

Tips of choosing good SEO Keywords.