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Tour-de-London on a Cheap Budget!

Consider yourself lucky if you have seen all the parks, museums, attractions, even went to that Coldplay concert, dined in at grandeur places and enjoyed expensive meals on your tour to London. You can safely say it has been a memorable journey.

By this time, you have visited London and the stunning photos on your camera are a proof! But, something is missing and you don’t want to spend rest of your trip listening to the sound of birds chirping in the morning at your hotel in London or the rants of the noisy couple next door.

If you have a few days have left on your trip and the passion is alive but the pocket is empty, do not worry as we have got your back. This article will tell you about some of the unique places in London that are low cost yet worth visiting.

But first things first!

Where to Stay?

Whenever you go somewhere, the very first step is to choose a cosy place for accommodation. If you want to stay at a cheap hotel in London, you can easily find a place that will not be heavy on your finances. From moderately priced to cheap, you are going to get a stay at your desired hotel in London.

Where to Wander in London?

Visiting the outskirts of London was never that adventurous.

During your time here, be sure to visit the Photographers’ Gallery located in Oxford Circus, this place has displayed a collection of some of the best photos from forty years.

Grab a hamburger and start roaming around!

Also, do not forget to include going to Imperial War Museum that has around 400 exhibits old War Articles. Furthermore, it would be a perfect adventure to look at the gigantic sculptures in Crystal Palace Park. If you are an aspiring hunter or want to know little something about deer spotting then head towards Richmond park!  

Finally, you can stop at the Tower of London and observe -ceremony of the keys- a gate closing ritual among other spectators.

Have a Taste of these Scrumptious Cuisines!

If you are a vegan on a budget then you must visit 222 veggie vegans which is eco-conscious and perfect for a delicious afternoon lunch. Other than that you can treat yourself with the mouth-watering food in China town or a crispy fried fish from Fish and Chips Shop

Craving for something sugary? Need not to worry, you can head to My Old Dutch and get a bite of that tasty pancake (will definitely remind you of the ones your grandma made!)


So this a ‘sneak peek’ of some of the cheap and ‘free’ places you can visit in this city. Various hotel in London provide you with free Wi-Fi and breakfast at an affordable price, so staying is going to be least of your concerns.

Undoubtedly, London is a place worth many tours and with careful planning, you can make the most out of your trip and cherish your memories for days to come!


Tour-de-London on a Cheap Budget!