Why purchase an instant water heater?

Directly installed at the point of use to the cold water supply the instant water heater is perfect to provide hot water for a hand wash. You will avoid long-distance pipelines feeding a sink from a central located storage electric boiler. The units we sell are unvented instant hot water heaters. A compact instantaneous water heater that is available as an undersink and a oversink model.

It is applicable for both domestic and commercial purposes and is directly supplied from your existing cold water pipelines to supply a hand mixer shower or faucet.

Can be used in:

  • toilets

  • houses

  • offices

  • commercial rooms

  • garages

  • ensuite toilets

  • restrooms

  • home extensions

  • workshops

  • loft conversions

 If the location you want to install it is difficult to reach and you want to use it for a hand wash then an instant water heater is the ideal solution.

All you need to know about an instantaneous hot water heater

Supplies hot water in a mere ten seconds. The flow rate plus the temperature of the water will determine the outgoing temperature of the water. It is sufficient to provide warm water for a faucet or tap, but won’t be adequate for a shower. Unless you are using a 3 phase current unit like the POW 18 LCD model in which case you can supply a shower.

The instant hot water heaters we sell:


Instantaneous tankless water heaters. Over sink units:

  • Perfect MIX 3500. An unvented instant water heater that consumes 3.5 kW

  • Perfect MIX 5000. An unvented instant water heater that consumes kW  


Instantaneous tankless water heaters. Under sink units:

  • PERFECT 3500 instant water heater that consumes 3.5 kW

To find out more about the entire range please consult the following link:instant water heaters


Why purchase an instant water heater?