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Buying a new front door? Plan your door purchase

When bying a new door of course we at Locksecure.nl, your locksmith in Rotterdam, think that the safety is the only important feature. But of course we realise that when a consumer is byinga a new door they consider other factors as well, such as the look.

So we have put together important factors below, that you should have in mind when buying a new door:     

Outside doors have many important features. It will shut out the wind and wind. It should look nice and inviting while locking safely. It will also be opened enormously many times. Therefore, there are many things to consider when choosing a front door.

In general, questions should be asked in four different areas: appearance, function, quality and safety. Starting with the look without considering the other variables can make the selection difficult. You can be forced to choose again because the supply is insufficient. Dinbyggare.se compiles what you need to keep in mind when choosing the front door:

Outside door function:

How often will the front door be opened? How should it be opened and locked? Perhaps a pardon door fits – but in such cases does it take place? Should the front door match, for example, storage doors that will have completely different functions? Should the door dampen sound? Do you want to light in the hall?

Outside door quality:

How long will the door have? How much maintenance is acceptable? How hardly exposed to the wind and wind is the façade where the door should sit?

Energy efficiency:

Different exterior doors in the market have different insulation capabilities. How energy efficient a front door is stated in the U value. The lower the U-value, the better the insulation of the front door. Also, note that outside doors without a glass portion usually have a lower U value, for example 0.8 while glass door lined doors have a slightly higher value of, for example, 1.0-1.5.

Security on the outside doors:

What kind of door lock do you want? Do you want to alert the door? Should you be able to look in or out? How fireproof should the door be? Is the front door equipped with reinforcements that aggravate intrusion attempts?

Appearance at the front door:

What does the house have for character? It does not mean that the door must be in the same style. A break may also be effective. Today, the front doors in most materials have both classic and modern looks.

If you have bought a new door and need help with the installation of the door lock, call your locksmith in Rotterdam, Locksecure.nl

Buying a new front door? Plan your door purchase