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Increase your marketing performance by using the insights from Odyssey Attribution

Google Analytics is a great free tool that makes metrics accessible to all. The downside is, it’s not the only one. There are two serious disadvantages to relying on Google exclusively for data interpretation (i.e. for attribution purposes).  Google does have some amazing tools for tracking your data, but they are just that: tools. Google Analytics is an excellent free tool that will help you collect your data, but it doesn’t do anything with the data once you have it. There are two serious downsides to relying on Google for interpreting your data. So what is important about attribution solutions?


The best way to get a true understanding of your website data is through a third-party provider. Sites like Odyssey offer more insight, unlike Google Analytics, which is owned by the search engine giant. Especially in the end, Google wants you to spend your budget with them. One of the most crucial issues with Google Analytics is that it isn’t an independent company. Google Analytics is programmed to share insights that are only beneficial to them, which means you should always be aware of why Google Analytics is showing you the insights that it’s showing you. This is especially important when you can see other important insights in other analytics tools, but not in Google Analytics. Just remember to always know what you might be missing. Salesforce attribution for your CRM is not standardly available but with the connection made possible and will guarantee you the most thorough insights you can expect in the market.


Google is not transparent about how they calculate attribution. We at Odyssey are not only transparent, but we offer the formula that calculates the incrementality per traffic source for you to see. Google’s multi-touch attribution is not transparent and doesn’t explain how it gets the insights that we see. Odyssey, on the other hand, is completely transparent and does explain how we calculate incrementality per traffic source. One of the most crucial issues with Google Analytics is that it isn’t an independent company.