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Innovative Library Solutions

For library solutions that really push the boundaries, it’s fair to say Dialoc ID continue to set the bar pretty high. It’s amazing to think they got their start over thirty years ago, manufacturing Electronic Article Surveillance systems that incorporated radio frequency technology. Since then, they’ve taken things further, designing and implementing the latest in cutting-edge Electro Magnetic and Hybrid technology, leading the field when it comes to software development. Which, in effect, is just another way of saying they’ve helped make libraries across the globe more efficient, dynamic and cost-effective.

Library Solutions For Today

Over the years, Dialoc ID’s library solutions have included the kind of self service products we now take for granted. Theirs is a design that can fit any library environment, allowing staff to monitor and control vital materials with consummate ease. It’s a way of empowering and facilitating staff, helping them get the job done whilst making sure customers get the very best service possible. By streamlining the entire system and maximizing efficiency, it’s fast become a proven, cost-cutting endeavour, one that’s helped Dialoc ID build a reputation as genuine innovators.

Library Solutions For The Modern Age

Another somewhat ground-breaking development is the Library Tag program. This is Dialoc ID’s way of making tagging for libraries just as efficient as it can be for years at a time. What’s been successful is that the EM library labels are specifically designed to ensure there will be no damage to any of the materials, up to and including rare books and manuscripts. The tags will cover any media format within the library, allowing safe circulation that’s super easy to monitor. Just part of the overall Dialoc ID approach: giving libraries the tools they need to compete and succeed in today’s modern world.