Latest Coffee Trends of 2017

If you are a coffee lover, you certainly cannot miss out the latest coffee trends of 2017. Times have evolved and so has the taste of coffee over the years. Unlike traditional times, when coffee was brewed at home, it is now available to be purchased on the go in different flavours and types. The use of espresso capsules has become a norm to make instant coffee.

Let’s have a look at some of the latest coffee trends that are popular across the globe with coffee lovers.

Ready to Drink Coffee

Ready to drink coffee, without any doubt, has become one of the most popular coffee trends in the modern times. You will find numerous coffee shops in your locality offering ready to drink coffee. They are using the latest methods to prepare coffee i.e. espresso capsules. These capsules are placed in the coffee machines in order to prepare the coffee in quick time.

The growing popularity of this trend can be evident from the fact that its sales rose to $2.4 billion in 2015. The numbers have only continued to grow higher since then because of the success of this trend.

Cold Brew Coffee

Many people often confuse cold brew coffee with iced coffee; however, as a matter of fact, both of these types of coffee are different in quite a few ways. Cold brew coffee has more flavour and contains less acidity. Moreover, it requires more labour intensive to be produced. The reason cold brew coffee has more flavour as compared to the other types of coffees is that the coffee beans are soaked in water for a longer period of time, approx. 12 hours.

The popularity of cold brew coffee is on the rise since 2011. Its sales have rocketed by almost 580% in the last 6 years or so. Hence, we have included cold brew coffee in our list of latest coffee trends of 2017.

Nitro Coffee

If you are looking for a coffee with a unique texture and a distinct taste and aroma, you definitely need to try the nitro coffee. It comes in the keg and is poured from a tap after being pressurized. The delightful flavour and creamy texture it boats of is due to the addition of nitrogen to the brew. Despite having a creamy and silky texture and feel, the coffee gives a strong taste. This type of coffee was introduced many years ago in New York for the first time; however, in the recent past, it has gained immense popularity due to its rich taste and unique texture

To sum it up, trends will come and go but the love for coffee will never fade away. With the new innovations, the methods of the flavour of coffee will keep changing but not the freshness and energy it gives to the coffee lover. Similar to the popularity of espresso capsules, newer coffee making methods will be introduced in the market, which are definitely going to enhance its taste and aroma.


Latest Coffee Trends of 2017