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Fürstenfeldbruck: Magnet fishermen find live mortar shells with magnet fishing gear.
Magnetic fishing is a popular, but also forbidden pastime: In Fürstenfeldbruck, two anglers were very lucky when they pulled two detonators for mortar shells out of the water. Experts defused the highly dangerous detonators.

Fürstenfeldbruck – Two magnetic fishermen made an unusual as well as dangerous catch on Sunday afternoon at a side arm of the Amper: Around 3:30 p.m., the two pulled two detonator heads for wartime mortar shells out of the water in Fürstenfeldbruck, as the police reported.

The 24- and 26-year-old men informed the police after their find, and the defusing specialists arrived immediately. Instructions were given by telephone to keep a distance of 50 meters from the highly explosive devices until the special forces arrived. The Technical Special Group of the Bavarian State Criminal Police Office defused the highly dangerous detonators on the spot and without further incident.

The two men must expect to be charged with an administrative offense under the Water Resources Act, because the technique of magnetic fishing is generally prohibited in Bavaria under state law. Background: In magnetic fishing, a suitably strong magnet is attached to a sturdy rope and pulled through a pond, lake, river or other body of water. Anything that sticks to the magnet can then be easily retrieved.

Bavarian Water Resources Act: Magnet fishing is prohibited
However, this method is prohibited under the Bavarian Water Resources Act, and special permission is required from the district office. Violations can be punished with fines of up to 50,000 euros. Even anglers who have a valid authorization to fish the water body in question are not automatically authorized to practice magnetic fishing. The Bavarian Fisheries Act does not cover this technique, the police said.