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T DISCS and Tassimo machines

Tassimo machines are very much popular among the people, especially coffee lovers. The one who knows what Tassimo machine is and how to use it properly, will know how important the T DISCS are. What are T DISCS, you might ask. Well, the Tassimo system utilizes proprietary non-reusable plastic beverage pods, which are called T DISCS, which are primarily produced and distributed by a lot of companies. The Tassimo pods offers a bar code on its top, which comes with specific instructions which orders the machine about the proper brewing settings.

After reading the barcode, the Tassimo machine will then change the water temperature, the amount of water, and the brew time, strength and flavors, which allows the Tassimo pod maker to brew a variety of hot drinks. The brewing process takes between 30 seconds to 60 seconds. It is important to note that the Discs containing milk doesn’t use UHT milk, and not powdered milk.

Tassimo T DISCS are currently offered by well-known brands owned by Mondel─ôz or Kraft Foods, including Gevalia, Maxwell House, Mastro Lorenzo, Nabob, Carte Noire, Jacobs, Suchard and Twinings.

  1. Tassimo Costa Americano:

Tassimo Costa Americano is a specially crafted, beautiful blend of coffee beams that are roasted to perfection. As a result, the T DISC has been created to deliver the same authentic taste of a Costa Americano coffee, with a fine and delicious cream on top.

  1. Kenco Pure Colombian:

This T DISC is if of pure Colombian coffee offered by Tassimo Kenco. It is made with Arabica beans sourced from coffee farms in Colombia. It is a perfectly awesome and delicious blend of fruity flavor with refreshing caffeine flavor. This is not one of those cheap Tassimo pods, which are not that much good in flavor.

  1. Twinings green tea and mint:

This T DISC is a very delicately flavored tea combining Twinings green tea and the enchanting and refreshing taste of spearmint. This exquisite infusion is very ideal for having and enjoying it at any time of the day.

  1. Tassimo Chai Latte:

Tassimo Chai Latte is a beautiful, tempting tea offered by Tassimo. Chai Latte is a perfect combination of a tempting tea specialty known from India and a frothy creamer from milk and exotic spices delivered in a delicious, tasty two-layer effect.

  1. Suchard Hot Chocolate:

This premium Hot Chocolate is a delicious infusion of delicious hot chocolate, especially made for your Tassimo machine. Deliciously creamy, wonderfully comforting, this drink really and truly wraps you in a warm embrace of togetherness and ecstasy.

  1. Tassimo L’OR Espresso Decaf:

This T DISC is a very rich, citrusy and unique roast and ground blend of coffee, which has led to create this deliciously indulgent espresso!

The above mentioned T DISCS are some of the most bought and loved T DISCS, among all. There are many more than these, of which all of them deliver, with the help of the Tassimo machines, the most consistent and the tastiest coffees, teas, hot chocolates, and espressos and lattes.


T DISCS and Tassimo machines