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The best surf school booking system

Hovering above the waves on a surfboard is an exhilarating experience. Sharing this experience with surfers who have no idea how to do it is not fun. Getting classes on how to surf is just a click away. As a surfing shop owner and instructor, the surf school booking system has allowed me to take hold of my school and lead it in the direction it deserves. The system will enable me to manage all aspects of day-to-day activities and plans to grow the business.

Multiple advantages



The surf school booking system has given me the chance to receive new students. The students watch simple starter how to videos on the customizable site and are eager to show up on the beach the next day. Applications are as easy as clicking a button and filling out a form online. Allowing for online payments has been the best as now there is no need to carry cash around, and it is much safer to keep all records.



With the surf school booking system, my fellow instructors plan out their day and students get reminders of their lessons a day before. SMS reminders have worked well and are more straightforward than reading through emails. Group booking is also available for larger groups of individuals who prefer to learn to surf together.



The surf school booking system has allowed the clients to provide feedback about the lessons and instructors. This has been crucial to allow for improvement and provide a better learning environment and improve the surf lessons. The reviews also help attract new clients as they are available on the system. With additional image and video functions, clients can also upload short videos of themselves getting wiped out in the waves or catching air and having fun on the water.