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Why you should pick a Porter bag and a pair of raw denim

Japan is the only country that produces Porter bags. Durable nylon repels water and dirt, and the bags have a timeless appeal, so they will both remain in style and last a lifetime. Porter bags are generally considered affordable luxuries with a solid fan base comprising working adults. As a result, the Porter bag has become a modern world’s trend. Melding aesthetics with practicalities, their collection features folios and shoulder bags optimal for the professional office look. 

A porter is a person who carries customers’ luggage at a hotel, etc., and knowing the quality of bags, Yoshida Kaban decided to name the brand “Porter” in 1962. Yoshida Kaban (Kaban means Bag in Japanese) is a bag manufacturer with over 80 years of history.

The next question is what Porter bags are made of? The bags are made from 100% food-grade silicone without chemicals, glues, or adhesives. Bigger Porters will age just fine. Anything 8% and up should age pretty similar to a stout. There are a few more critical questions which are given below:

Is a Porter bag durable?

Porter’s build quality is virtually flawless. The bag is well-crafted and very well-made. Despite being very lightweight, nylon twill is tightly woven and will likely last longer than you expect (although it’s still less than a higher denier outer).

Can I wash my Porter bag?

Nylon bags should always be stored in a dark, dry place. Please do not use the washing machine or excess water to wash our canvas products since they are often paired with different fabric linings and metal hardware. Dry cleaning is not recommended. Solvents used may negatively affect the colour or material itself.

Are raw denim jeans worth it?

Raw denim is unwashed denim. The fabric is stiff. A starch-like substance is added to denim mills to stiffen it. This makes it easier for the denim mill to handle. Stiffness will wash out and denim will soften. People who choose raw jeans over pre-washed jeans do so because they want to break in the jeans themselves. Denim jeans that are plain provide a blank canvas to pick up fades better than washed denim.

Two factors lead to raw denim jeans picking up fades better:

  1. Denim is stiff, which creates more defined creases.

  2. Raw jeans have experienced no colour loss from washing – allowing for more excellent contrast between faded and non-faded areas.

How often should you wash raw denim? 

Take a group of denim aficionados aside and ask them when and how to wash raw jeans, then watch the argument ensue. Raw denim is probably best known for its hotly debated subject of washing.

Selvedge denim: Why is it so popular?

We make our jeans from rigid and raw selvedge denim. Selvedge denim is the only authentic “vintage” denim as it is woven on old-school machines called shuttle looms.

Selvage denim is quite unique. This kind of denim is rare and expensive because it cannot be mass-produced and because each yard is a wearable work of art. Turn your jeans cuffs up or peek inside the coin pocket to see the neat white & blue “self-finished edge” (hence the term selvedge), which is the “proof” that this denim is made on a shuttle loom and not a new mass-production loom.