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Winter warmth unlocked: Discover our heated bodywarmers

As winter sets in, staying warm while engaging in outdoor activities or daily chores can be challenging. A heated bodywarmer is an essential piece of gear for those looking to maintain comfort and performance in cold weather. This blog will delve into the features and benefits of bodywarmers, highlighting our two exceptional versions: the PRO and Dual Heating models.


Understanding heated bodywarmers:

Heated bodywarmers are vest-like garments designed to provide core warmth without restricting movement. They incorporate heating elements powered by powerful rechargeable batteries, strategically placed to distribute heat evenly. These bodywarmers are perfect for outdoor sports, work environments, such as under your costumer, or simply staying cozy during chilly days. 

Benefits of heated bodywarmers:

  • Core temperature control: Maintaining your core temperature is crucial for overall warmth and comfort. These bodywarmers focus heat on the torso, helping to keep your entire body warmer by stabilizing your core temperature.

  • Enhanced comfort and mobility: Unlike bulky jackets, heated bodywarmers offer a lightweight, flexible fit that allows for full mobility. This makes them ideal for activities where range of motion is key, such as skiing, hiking, or even performing outdoor work.

  • Extended outdoor engagement: With added warmth from a heated bodywarmer, you can enjoy longer periods outside without the discomfort of dropping temperatures. This is especially beneficial for winter sports enthusiasts or professionals working outdoors.

  • Versatility and adjustable fit: Heated bodywarmers are versatile and can be worn under other layers or as a standalone outer layer. Additionally, both the PRO and Dual Heating models come with adjustable sizes, ensuring a snug fit that enhances thermal efficiency and comfort. The size of the electric body warmer can be adjusted at the sides and shoulders, using zippers, velcro and snap buttons.

PRO vs. Dual heating models:

BERTSCHAT®’s bodywarmer is available in two models, each designed to cater to different heating preferences and needs:

  • PRO model: The PRO version is equipped with a standard number of five heating zones, ideal for those who require moderate warmth during their outdoor activities or daily routines.

  • Dual heating model: The Dual Heating version boasts double the number of heating areas, totaling 10 zones. This model is perfect for those who need extra warmth, providing extensive heat coverage across the body for those particularly cold days.

Choosing the right heated bodywarmer:

When selecting a bodywarmer, consider the level of heat you need. The Dual Heating model is suitable for the coldest days, while the PRO model may suffice for milder climates. Also, check the battery life to ensure it aligns with the duration of your activities. If you happen to be unsure about your model’s choice, contact our specialist team of BERTSCHAT®.

A heated bodywarmer is an excellent investment for anyone looking to enhance their comfort and performance in cold weather. Whether you choose the PRO or Dual Heating model, you’re sure to enjoy the benefits of an adjustable, efficient, and comfortable heat source that allows you to stay active and enjoy the winter months to their fullest. Equip yourself with a bodywarmer and embrace the cold with confidence.