Furniture for commercial interiors

What business furniture is right for us?


It is a minefield isn’t it? Looking to find office furniture solutions for your business. Clearly what you have now isn’t up to today’s standard, but it still sort of does the job. If you are moving, expanding or just renewing your office furniture, it will be time to research the market and that can be challenging.



The market for business furniture can be divided into many categories, but to keep it simple let’s devide it in two.


Contract furniture


Contract furniture is furniture that is designed specifically for commercial interiors. This can be anything from Beds and Tables designed for use in Hotels to sofas and tub chairs for office reception areas and waiting rooms. It is basically any piece of furniture that a commercial business may require on their business premises. Some of these so called ‘soft-seating’ products can be found both in the hospitality sector as well as in corporate office buildings like financial services or government bodies.


Office furniture


To a certain extend this applies to traditional office furniture like office desks and chairs as well. After all, a hotel will have a back office and a leisure centre or events building will have a call centre and a finance department. Even so the markets ar more or less divided into the office interiors business and the commercial interiors for the hospitality industry.


Even in office furniture segments like office desking and task seating the differences between the various segments are huge. You can buy a panel ended curved desk for lets say a £100, or a electric sit-stand desk for £1800, they basically provide the same space for your keyboard and both keep the paper of the floor! 


If you are struggling to find your way in the UK office furniture landscape or more specifically in Scotland, the perhaps you should contact the independent consultants of Amos Beech office furniture Glasgow.


Amos Beech is an independent office furniture dealership and a manufacturer of systems furniture as well.


Commercial interiors



If it is not just office furniture you are after and you have been given the task to completely refurnish the place you also may need the advice of an interior design team that can help you with the space planning, furniture selection and selection of finishings and colours. You will probably not be surprised that Amos Beech has those services in house as well?


We invite you to have a look at the website and we look forward to speaking to you.

Furniture for commercial interiors